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Founded in 2012, Shenzhen International Art Fair is the first large-scale original art fair in Shenzhen. After eight years of cultivation and development, Shenzhen Art Fair has always adhered to its original intention, and precisely invited galleries and art institutions from all over the world to bring a diversified and international art face to the city.

In terms of market development, Shenzhen International Art Expo will continue to play the slogan of "be a collector", with the Asian collection Club (ACC) as the backing, join hands with more business partners, continue to invite powerful and high-quality collectors for the Art Expo, and strive to build a characteristic Art Expo with academic height and market appeal.

The 9th Shenzhen International Art Expo will bring innovative changes in combination with the market characteristics of Shenzhen. Through "Gallery selection", "cross-border Art +", "public installation art" and "theme exhibition", the multi-dimensional dialogue between contemporary and classic, local and international, art and city, art and business is launched to present the diversified creativity and vitality of contemporary art industry from a fresh perspective.

The Asia collection club is initiated by the Organizing Committee of Shenzhen International Art Expo. Based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, it aims to promote the heritage of art collection and is committed to building and developing the collection team in Shenzhen. Through various interactive forms such as art lectures and art collections, a high-end platform can be established to promote the learning, exchange and display of Asian collectors.